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City Mall is the first largescale shopping mall in Shenzhen. Convenient traffic conditions a unique geographical location and the special architectural design have made City Mall a window into the economic development of Shenzhen. It links together dining and shopping with entertainment and leisure. It was called TERMINAL ONE, after upgrading last year. City Mall is a new name.

Princes Kitchenis a popular restaurant of this shopping mall. Its a very stylish and modern restaurant. The lounge and restaurant are to be integrated so well, its young peoples vorite place for meeting friends.


City Mall is located in Futian district. It leads a healthy life and offers the ultimate shopping experience. The Mall includes national and international retailers. Its levels are made up of shion boutiques, jewellery, cosmetics and food. This shopping mall has many featured shops, like Mango, Ochirly, izzue, CK, Aix Cafe, Starbucks and etc.

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