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And for the you have the latest in tweed

Dig these brics we got laid out on the shelf

Try it on, stand in the mirror and dig yourself



I said Well go in there and show me all the sports clothes

Its got the custom cuffs and the walking short

O… Well, you can just set it down right in that chair

Then the man come back, he said Im sorry my man but your credit didnt go through

When I got off I saw a salesman was coming to me

Every Lyric From Shawn Mendes SelfTitled New Album

I see for the business man you feature the natural shoulder

Hey wait a minute buddy, let me go back there and do a little checking on you

Advisory the following lyrics contain explicit language

Every Lyric From Cardi Bs Debut Album Invasion of Privacy

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And Ill make sure I get all my payments in right on time

from the albumThe Complete Singles As Bs Copy Writers Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber, Kent Harris

Now you go back there and you get that and let me sign on the dotted line


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